Smoke ventilation systems



Fire in the buildings is dangerous not only because of open fire indoors, but also because of the smoke that accumulates. Even a little fire can cause so much smoke to prevent evacuation, slow the process of putting up a fire. Smoke makes difficult breathing, orientation, causes panic.  Because of all this all it’s necessary to have an appropriate smoke ventilation system, which will ensure extracting the smoke.

Smoke ventilation systems have several functions:

  • Reduce the possibility of further expanding fire;
  • Reduce the amount of the smoke;
  • Reduce the air temperature in the building;
  • Keeping escape and access routes free from smoke;
  • Facilitating fire-fighting operations;
  • Protecting the contents of the building;
  • Reducing the risk of damage to the building​.

Basic components of smoke ventilation system:

  • Smoke Extract ventilator (roof type, or radial) – is used to extract smoke and other emissions along with the heat released during the fire. They are used in industrial, public, living, administrational and other types of buildings. They can process heat and smoke with temperature up to 600°c.
  • Smoke valves – used to move smoke and air into the smoke ducts. They usually have electromagnetic of electric actuators. They are classified by the fire resistance norms, which may be able to process 600°c smoke and other particle processing up to 180 minutes;
  • Fire damper flaps – they are mounted in the fire and smoke ventilation systems as well as in the usual ventilation. Their job is to reduce the expansion of smoke and fire. They also have Electric actuators or thermal locks;
  • Smoke ducts - is used to move the smoke out of the building and is made from fire resistant materials;
  • Air supply fans- they produce overpressure in elevators and stairwells to protect them from smoke.


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