Industrial Kitchen exhaust and ventilation systems



In the industrial kitchens It becomes critical to have a ventilation system, that can effectively keep clean and safe air environment and also, protect expensive kitchen equipment from damage caused by grease and oil build-up.

To prevent this build-up from happening, is needed special ventilation system, which is assembled with a few important components, some of them are mandatory, others can be adjusted depending on the particular project.

Application Areas

In hotel and airport kitchens, restaurants and in most industrial kitchens, where food is made in large quantities.

Our company offers design and installation of Kitchen exhaust systems of any size, type and complexity. Our specialists will design the best project for your purposes in both terms of price and quality, installation will be performed  by  experienced professionals.

We use only highest quality products and materials that meet all modern requirements.

Components of Kitchen Exhaust system:

Commercial Kitchen Hood -  is the central hub of the interior exhaust system. It generally sits directly above the cooking area, in order to catch as much smoke and debris as possible coming from the surface.


Upblast Exhaust Fan – Upblast exhaust fans sit on the exterior of the building  and uses a fan to drive exhaust out of the ventilation system. These fans also need to be equipped with one or more grease filters in order to prevent grease from spilling out of the system and onto the roof of the building.


Make-up Air Unit - The job of the make-up air unit is to do exactly what it says: it replaces the exhaust that was removed from the cooking area with non-contaminated air.


Hood Filter Bank - houses the grease filter which attempts to catch oil and debris before they can enter the exhaust system. Too much grease entering into the exhaust system can accelerate its decomposition, so it’s important to clean the hood filter frequently to avoid buildup.


Electrostatic filters-  they clean the air of particles of grease, steam, gas emissions, odor and dust.